Cameco is one of the world's largest providers of the uranium needed to generate clean, reliable, baseload electricity around the globe. As we seek to bring the benefits of clean nuclear energy to the world, we're committed to delivering our products safely and responsibly.

Our sustainable development reporting shows our stakeholders how we’re performing against key indicators that measure our social, environmental and economic impacts in the areas that matter most to them. We continue to deliver top-tier performance in the areas of worker safety, community relations and environmental responsibility.

Our current report

Cameco began using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) 4.0 Sustainability Guidelines in our sustainability programming and reporting in 2016. Our reporting shows Cameco’s performance on 32 key GRI indicators, as well as two corporate indicators that are unique to the company. This update provides reporting on 2018 data indicators.

Despite weak market conditions, Cameco continues to hold social responsibility, safety of our workforce and the public, and protection of the environment as top priorities.

Please note that as Cameco no longer holds a majority interest in Joint Venture Inkai LLP (JV Inkai), JV Inkai-related data is now considered outside the scope of this report. JV Inkai is owned by Cameco and Joint Stock Company National Atomic Company Kazatomprom. This change to our reporting is reflected throughout the report in many indicators. JV Inkai-related data has not been removed from indicator reporting prior to 2018, but for 2018 and onwards it is no longer included in the report. We have noted this in the report where it is applicable.

Some of the highlights of our 2019 Sustainable Development GRI Index Update (for 2018 data) include:

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2019 Sustainable Development
GRI Index Update

This update provides reporting on 2018 data indicators.

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